Dr Marcos Gonzalez (Founder of Oceans Technology Group) discovered a new molecule and has patented the technology and methodology under U.S. Patent. This technology uses marine algae in a protected process whereby the algae enzymes are extracted, which is the basis of the technology and the “intellectual property”.

The Extracted Enzymes make up a highly concentrated Organic Visco-Elastopolymer and new Molecule.

Bond Breaking and Bond Making

The patented products have the ability to make and break chemical bonds depending on the catalyst used.

The unique patented technology has been designed to remove contamination at molecular level. The fundamentals of their operation are by removing energy from active or reactive molecules and creating or separating atomic and subatomic bonds to convert contaminants into inert molecules that are non-toxic and friendly to the native species.

When chemical reactions take place, chemical bonds are broken in the reactants and new chemical bonds are formed in the products. It is as a result of these processes that a reaction is overall exothermic (energy is given out to the surroundings) or overall endothermic (energy is absorbed from the surroundings).

Innovation and Advantages

  • Organic and Biocompatible, will not harm humans or animals
  • Green Technology and Elastopolymer
  • Advanced Elastomer and Plasticizer in one
  • Releases no Co2 in its production process, and can earn Carbon Credits and LEED Points
  • Durable
  • Heat and Fire Resistant up to 1,600 degrees F
  • Near Zero Coefficient of Expansion
  • Has a near Zero Coefficient of Friction with a glass translucent Temp. of 2,700 Degrees F
  • Fungus and Mildew Resistant
  • Is PH Neutral and will not harm skin or eyes
  • Is Highly-Resistant and Impervious to Water, Acids, Corrosion, Sulfates, Etc
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Eco-Safe
  • Marine Algae Based Technology
  • Require No Heat or Energy
  • Bio Mineralization Process
  • UV Resistant
Innovation and Advantages
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