We offer a range of reliable specialist products across several industries. These include waste management, mining, oil and gas, protective coatings, soil remediation and water remediation. Contact us today to find out more about any of our services.

Breaking Process

These products break chemical bonds.

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For Petro Sludge, Contaminated Tailings and Soil Treatments.

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For Precious Metals Separation, Cyanide, Cal, and Mercury replacement.

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For Contaminated Water, Fracking, Black Waters, Ponds, Lakes, and Waterways.

Making Process

These products form covalent bonds, the strongest possible chemical bond.

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For use in Organic Soil Base and Non-Leaching Soil Containment.

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For use in the creation of hybrid materials in the following industry applications:

  • Advanced Cement Composites
  • Adjustable compression and tensile strengths from 1,000 to 20,000 PSI
  • Highly-Resistant and Impervious to Water, Acids, Corrosion, Sulphates, Etc.
  • Advanced Anti-Corrosion, Anti-UV Protective Paint and Coatings
  • Advanced Anti-Fouling, UV, and Biofilm Control Coatings
  • Advanced Thermal and Fire Resistant Paints and Coatings
  • Advanced Plastics
  • Advanced Thermal and Acoustic Foams
  • Advanced Wood Composites from recycled materials
  • Advanced Steel Composites from Ore and recycled materials
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