We offer a range of reliable specialist products across several industries, all powered by ZERO THERMAL technology.



Waste Management

  • Oil separation and recovery
  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Treatment of problematic waste
  • Metal recovery

Oil and Gas

  • Oil separation and recovery (PDF)
  • API viscosity reduction
  • Coating system for advanced thermal control and heat resistance
  • For use as an admixture with spherical silica as a replacement for barite for improved bore stability
  • Additive and molecular bonding agent for cementitious coatings on submerged pipelines
  • Additive and molecular bonding agent for hydraulic cement repairs on offshore and onshore platforms and structures

Soil Remediation

  • Innovative soil remediation reagent. Rapid reduction of toxins in groundwater and saturated soil.
  • Much faster results compared to traditional treatment methodologies
  • System for fixation of reactive and non reactive soils
  • System for soil and sludge stabilisation

Water Remediation

  • Innovative Zero Thermal Technology for water remediation
  • PH neutraliser

Protective Coatings

  • Paint additive and resin modifier (liquid)
  • Thermal and fire-resistant paints and coatings additive
  • Up to 90% reduction of biocide usage while at the same time enhancing the biocides properties
  • Replacement for titanium dioxide when combined with calcium carbonate
  • Vocs reduction
  • Anti-fouling
  • Anti-corrosion
  • UV resistance
  • Anti-friction
  • Can be used in the petroleum industry as an inner capillary coating on oil pipelines for preventing inner wax

Aggregate cementitous & Concrete Additives

  • 2 part system for reactive soils and waste materials for forming cementitious materials
  • 3 part system for non-reactive soils and waste materials for forming cementitious materials
  • Produce inert hybrid materials from waste normally destined for hazardous and non hazardous landfill